Board of Advisors

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Innovative & passionate

Dr. Desmond Dev Menon

Director and Founder | R3Gen

A multifaceted, self-directed, and disciplined medical research scientist with a combination of 20 years of experience in academia and the clinical pathology laboratory and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Director/Founder of R3Gen, a research lab-based start-up created to facilitate greater
translation of medical science knowledge from research to implementation.

Creating opportunities for better direction, knowledge transfer, efficacy and value in medical research through fostering greater collaboration between medical research and commercial industry partners.

Dr. Navneet Jalani (MD, MBBS)

Advisory Board Member

2nd Registrar, Anatomical Pathology,

Royal Children/Women’s Hospital,

Australian Medical Council

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Carol Bracewell

Advisory Board Member

Director and Founder of the W.A. School of Pathology, a nationally accredited pioneering institute in blood and specimen collection science in Western Australia since 1998.
Over 25 years of experience in delivering high quality training and certification to medical health professionals including doctors, nurses, paramedics, commercial laboratory personnel, as well as medical research personnel including Professors in medical science, laboratory research staff and university students.
Contributed to medical research in Western Australia through fostering collaborative opportunities between universities by facilitating phlebotomy services and skills towards medical research projects since 2014.
Established a working clinic dedicated to sample collection for fertility clinics and medical research in 2016.
Collaborating with R3Gen, a medical research company, to provide opportunities for phlebotomist to retain or retrain crucial knowledge, skills and experience.
Key member in medical science discussions concerning pre-analytical sample quality.


Kelvin Oh (MAACB)

Advisory Board Member

Senior Scientist, Clinipath
Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemist, (MAACB)
Western Australian Branch, Committee Member

An experienced Senior Scientist, with over 20 years of experience in the hospital & health care industry where he has a demonstrated history of recognition and professional endorsement for his strong professional skills in Quality Control, Business Process Improvement, Management, and Leadership. In his current role, he also helps to ensure that both internal QC and NATA accreditation requirements are met.

Andrew Roos

Business Liaison

Liaison and relations officer drawing from 10 years of experience and proficiency in industry and academia in the field of chemical engineering to deliver high quality and knowledgeable expertise, in building and leading B2B, sales and marketing opportunities.

Strong interpersonal and relational skills in initiating communication between the business and clientele with a focus on finding and solidifying new opportunities.

Vice president of a nationally accredited institute, Engineers without borders ECU, that seeks to address real world issues through the implement of engineering solutions.

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