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R3Gen is a research company interested in driving the understanding, translation and implementation of medical science knowledge from research to application. R3Gen is a company registered in Western Australia and caters its services to research institutes, and industry partners.

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Collaborative Projects
    • Consultant for education on genotyping for DNACode
    • Oversight consultant for laboratory setup in Ho Chi Minh by FaceKorea
    • Innovative Product testing for Klinic Solutions
    • Work placement opportunities for W.A. School of Pathology Students
    • Blood tests for Corporate Programs for Velatudo Health
    • Intro to Genetic testing for fitness and nutrition course with MyGenica
    • New biomarker validation for Randox
    • Postgrad sports medicine research projects with ECU

Our Clients


Research and Collaboration

Our Services


Working with you to provide a better service.

Blood Sample Analyses

Working with you to effectively organize your blood sample Collection, Processing, Storing and Analyses.

Work Experience

Get valuable hands-on experience in a working research laboratory

Seminars and Workshops

Updating and upgrading laboratory skills and understanding through seminars, short courses and hands-on workshops, in collaboration with industry partners.

Clinical Trials

Capitalizing on our vast local and international network of medical research groups, medical device companies and relevant clinical interest communities to help you achieve your clinical trials goals.

Laboratory setup consultation

Assistance in planning and providing cost effective, purpose built solutions.

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